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The Winchester SXP Compact Field is a tough as nails, top-quality pump shotgun that is sized for smaller shooters. Featuring a great looking walnut stock with a 13" length of pull, it is ideal for users of smaller stature. Like all SXP shotguns it has a back-bored barrel, Invector-Plus choke system for tight, consistent shot patterns. A hard chrome-plated chamber and bore and black chrome bolt ensure long-lasting reliability. 


Something really important to consider with a pump shotgun is the ease of operating the action. Simply put, no pump shotgun is as fast as the Winchester SXP. After each shot the action unlocks quickly, allowing you to easily work the action to load a fresh shell. 


SXP Field Compact Features

  • Compact 13" Length of pull to better fit smaller stature shooters
  • Satin finished stock and forearm with traditional checkering provide a sure grip when the hunting action gets hot
  • Back-bored technology provides optimum shot patterns that ar