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Shimano made waves in the ice-fishing world in 2018, and the efforts continues with its ‘next level’ ice rods now offered in the Sedona Ice-Fishing combo line-up. All matched with a Sedona ultralight 500 size spinning reels with a durable HAGANE Gear and Propulsion Line Management System, combos available include those with 24” and 30” ultralight power rods, a 26” light power and 34” medium-light versions, and two with 28” rods in medium-light power and medium power.

Matched with larger capacity Sedona 1000 reels for ‘let’s go big’ action, combos offered include ones with a 28” heavy power rod, a 36” medium power, and a 40” medium-heavy power rod.

Shimano Sedona Ice Fishing Combo

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