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The Pursuit™ XT takes the popular Pursuit™ line to the next level! The Pursuit™ XT is outfitted with a 26" Chromoly steel barrel. Chromoly steel has long been recognized as the best barrel material for strength and accuracy so it allows this muzzleloader to be both lightweight and accurate. The Pursuit™ XT also has a VAPR™ Twist barrel with a 1:24" twist. This faster twist will help to stabilize bullets, increase accuracy, and expand the range of bullet options that can be shot out of this muzzleloader. 

The Pursuit™ XT is equipped with the Elite XT™ Trigger system. This upgraded trigger features a precise and accurate trigger pull along with a rebounding hammer and manual cross block trigger safety.

This muzzleloader comes with the Quick-T™ Ramrod Handle. It functions like a palm save and t-handle all in one, making it easier and more comfortable to load your rifle. The Quick-T™ Ramrod Handle has a t-shaped piece with brass jag that can screw in, allowing your ramrod to function like a work or cleaning rod. The Quick-T™ Ramrod Handle sits on your ramrod when it is in the storage position on your rifle.

The Pursuit™ XT is the most feature-rich mid-level muzzleloader on the market and you won't be disappointed with the 200+ yard accuracy!

This model comes with a 3-9x40 Traditions® Duplex matte black scope mounted.


209 Shotgun Primer Ignition

26" Ultralight Chromoly Tapered, Fluted Barrel

VAPR™ 1:24" Twist 

Premium CeraKote Finish on the outside of the barrel

Veil  Cervidae Camo and Stainless Steel

Elite XT™ Trigger System

Weighs only 5.75 pounds!

Wider forend for better grip and hand position

Accelerator Breech Plug™ - works for both loose and pelletized powder 

LT-1 Alloy Frame

Dual Safety System - rebounding hammer and cross block manual trigger safety

Speed Load System - for easy loading and more consistent groups

Quick-T™ Ramrod Handle

Quick Relief Recoil Pad

Lightweight and maneuverable

Fast action release button

Extended ambidextrous hammer extension

Drilled and tapped for a scope

Sling swivel studs

Solid aluminum ramrod

Traditions Pursuit XT UL 50cal Veil Cervidae Camo, 26" Barrel w/Scop

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