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The ION R1 is a brand-new powerhouse that utilizes the Lithium-ion 5 Ah Gen 1 battery platform, paired with a brand-new motor that adds 35% more power and significant speed upgrades over previous Gen 1 ION Augers. The R1 is outfitted with a precision polymer bottom, and a centering point and cutting ring to ensure that you can safely and easily re-drill old holes without the binding and jarring that many curved blade augers can have. Available in 8” and 10” configurations, all R1 augers come with reverse and 2 led lights and are backed by an industry-leading 3-year warranty—which includes the battery. 8″ weighs 23 lbs., 10″ weighs 24lbs.



5 AMP HOUR, GEN 1 BATTERYThis Gen 1, 5 Amp Hour battery offers a 60% higher storage capacity than the original ION® battery. This extra capacity powers the 8" ION R1 through up to 1600" of ice on a single charge.



A re-optimized power system makes the ION R1 more powerful, offering up to 30% faster cutting speeds than previous Gen 1 ION augers.
HIGH-STRENGTH COMPOSITE POLYMER CUTTING HEADEnsures smooth and consistent cutting in all conditions and easily re-drills old holes. Aggressive design cuts through ice quickly with an incredibly smooth breakthrough. Composite material provides additional resistance to icing up.
AUGER CENTERING POINTAllows for ultra-precise blade positioning when opening new holes, or re-opening frozen holes.
PLANETARY GEAR TRANSMISSIONION® offers the optimal combination of weight and high-powered delivery, giving you maximum efficiency at the lightest weight possible.
TWO LED LIGHTSPositioned under the powerhead, two bright LED lights illuminate the ice surface, making the ION R1 ideal for night operation or drilling inside dark shelters.
LIGHTWEIGHT,        EASY TO CARRYAt only 23 pounds, the 8 inch ION R1 weighs nearly 40% less than typical gas-powered augers. This means less effort drilling and more opportunity to focus on fishing.
COMPACT HANDLEBAR DESIGNBy bringing the handlebars closer to the powerhead, drilling next to walls in ice houses is easier than ever.
3-YEAR WARRANTYION® offers a 3-Year Limited Warranty covering the entire unit—including the battery!

ION® R1 8″ Electric Ice Auger

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