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12 g. 3", 28"


The Browning® Silver Field Semi-Auto Shotgun features a silver and matte black bi-tone finish. Proven gas-operated autoloader with semi-humpback receiver, Invector-Plus choke tubes, and satin finish walnut stock. The receiver is strong, lightweight aluminum alloy for good balance and still features a semi-humpback for a definitive sighting plane. The bi-tone matte black and silver finish receiver is incredibly good looking and is a very popular look. The barrel has a lightweight profile and a fully constructed ventilated rib with brass front bead. The gas-operated action utilizes the Active Valve System, shooting light and heavy loads with equal ease, and sparing your shoulder the excess recoil. The stock is satin finish walnut for an uncommonly good look. Invector Plus Choke system chokes include full, modified and improved cylinder.

Browning Silver Field Hunter 12g

  • Please be sure to call in to check availability. 

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